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I like pandas. I'm insane. I'm a nudist. I like sex. I've been in love, and I've been burned. I go on adventures. I am Jesus, jk I'm actually God. If you can't tell by that last comment I'm sarcastic even though I say everything with a straight face. I'm terribly blunt. I am in love with anime, video games, comic books, or anything that be considered geeky. I like horror films. I LOVE DISNEY (especially Pocahontas). I'm spiritual. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I probably will at some point. I say things that get me in trouble. I love to sing, act, write, and read. I go to college to sing opera. I'm fluent in tarot card readings (I have never been wrong once). I'm just someone doing their best.
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"I'm sure there's some light in him somewhere"

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Unrealistically Human

I think I’m tired of being told
To “act my fucking age”
By a generation that didn’t suffer
Academic pain
And I think I’m very sick of being
Held to your ideals
You’re unrealistically human
Needs that need to be revealed

I’m not holding you accountable
For all my young mistakes
I know I got it wrong last time
But suffocation ain’t a virtue
And paying your dues ain’t life
I’ll count my debts in silence
For my basic souless right

I think I’m figuring it out
Not as fast as you’d like
But it’s hard to do it by yourself
Without doing it in spite
And I think I’m not ready for the
Bitterness adulthood brings
No I don’t think I’m ready to
Cut off adolescent wings

This is a call for
My generation
When’s gonna be our
Fuck your labels
Melt your faces
End the brainwash
Restore the nation!


Drugs Under The Microscope

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Check out this video of “Burn” from our show at The Bowery Electric last Friday! Video shot by Adam Brett. 

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